Arizona, renowned for its stunning desert landscapes, warm and sunny climate, vibrant cities, and welcoming communities, offers an abundance of recreational opportunities. Its appeal as a retirement destination is deeply rooted in its history.

While we are dedicated to serving all buyers and sellers in the Arizona real estate market, our 55 AZ Real Estate Team at Coldwell Banker Realty, specializes in 55+ communities. With our dedicated team, expect nothing short of exceptional service and outstanding results, ensuring that your next move is your best one yet!

Greater tucson area  

Discover the Greater Tucson area, including Saddlebrook, Oro Valley, Dove Mountain, Marana, Vail, and more.

Tucson’s rich Native American and Spanish heritage, with a distinct Western flare, add depth to daily life making it a culturally vibrant place to retire. It's the perfect choice for those seeking a unique, authentic, free-spirited, and fulfilling retirement lifestyle.

Whether you enjoy golfing at a world-class resort, theater and the arts, horseback riding, hiking, star gazing or discovering the desert wilds, you'll have tons of things to do in the Tucson region.


Green Valley 


Welcome to Green Valley, 20 miles south of Tucson, cradled within the Sonoran Desert you'll find a quaint small-town atmosphere enriched by a vibrant community comprised of 59 Homeowner Associations.

In Green Valley, emphasis is placed on health and wellness, ensuring convenient access to top-notch healthcare facilities to support your thriving retirement years.

Tailored for active retirees, this exceptional locale boasts a plethora of recreational facilities, clubs, and golf courses. Immerse yourself in a harmonious mix of peaceful relaxation, energetic pursuits, and strong community bonds, making it the perfect sanctuary for those desiring social interaction and a fulfilling, balanced lifestyle.

Greater Phoenix Area 

Phoenix, Arizona, known as the Valley of the Sun, is a bustling metropolis in the heart of the American Southwest, set against the stunning Sonoran Desert backdrop.

As the fifth-largest city in the United States, Phoenix offers a vibrant cultural scene, including museums, theaters, and art galleries. Outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy activities year-round, from hiking and golfing to exploring desert botanical gardens.

Retiring in the Phoenix area comes with numerous benefits. With its warm climate, abundant sunshine, and diverse amenities, it's a popular choice for retirees.

With a robust healthcare system comprising 56 hospitals and medical centers, including the prestigious Mayo Clinic, Phoenix isn't just a place to live; it's a place to thrive in retirement.


 NOrthern Arizona 


Retiring in Northern Arizona offers a serene escape into nature's embrace. Form The Grand Canyon,  one of the world's most awe-inspiring natural attractions, the towering forests of Flagstaff, to the spiritual allure of Sedona's red rock vistas, the region provides a tranquil setting for a slower-paced lifestyle.

With cooler temperatures and abundant outdoor recreation opportunities, including hiking, fishing, and stargazing, Northern Arizona beckons retirees seeking adventure.

Whether you're drawn to the vibrant arts scene of Flagstaff or the holistic wellness offerings of Sedona, Northern Arizona promises a fulfilling retirement making it an enticing destination for retirees.

sierra vista AREA

Journey through Southern Arizona to Sierra Vista. Surrounded by the stunning landscapes of the Huachuca Mountains and the San Pedro River Valley, Sierra Vista provides a tranquil setting for those seeking a relaxed lifestyle.

With it's mild climate and abundant outdoor recreation opportunities, including hiking, birdwatching, and golfing, retirees can enjoy an active yet laid-back retirement. The area also boasts a vibrant community with cultural events, local festivals, and a strong sense of community spirit.

Whether you're exploring the historic streets of downtown Sierra Vista or taking in the breathtaking views of nearby mountain ranges, retiring in the Sierra Vista area promises a fulfilling and enriching experience amidst Arizona's natural beauty.


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