San Ignacio Golf Estates



San Ignacio Golf Estates Amenities

  • Clubhouse/Amenity Center and Fitness Center: Central hubs for community gatherings, fitness activities, and social interactions.
  • Outdoor Pool, Ballroom, Tennis Courts: Leisure and recreational spaces for an active and engaged lifestyle.
  • Bocce Ball Courts, Parks & Natural Space: Areas designated for relaxation, leisure, and enjoying the beautiful Arizona outdoors.
  • Outdoor Patio, Picnic Area, Multi-Purpose/Meeting Rooms: Versatile spaces for community events, social gatherings, and group activities.
  • Gazebo, Spa, BBQ Area: Additional amenities that enhance the community living experience, fostering a sense of togetherness among residents.

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Residents of San Ignacio Golf Estates enjoy a low-maintenance lifestyle, courtesy of a homeowners’ association that ensures the beauty and upkeep of the common areas, allowing homeowners to immerse themselves fully in the myriad activities and clubs offered by GVR. With over 60 interest-based clubs, numerous events, and over a thousand classes, the community thrives as a vibrant center for arts, crafts, sports, and social gatherings, creating an environment where friendships flourish and life is celebrated daily.

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