San Ignacio Heights



San Ignacio Heights Amenities

  • Fitness Center, Outdoor Pool, Ballroom: For health, wellness, and social gatherings.
  • Performance/Movie Theater, Tennis Courts, Bocce Ball Courts: Entertainment and recreational facilities to suit all interests.
  • Parks & Natural Space, Demonstration Kitchen, Outdoor Patio: Areas designed for relaxation, culinary exploration, and enjoying the outdoors.
  • Picnic Area, Multi-Purpose/Meeting Rooms, Gazebo, Spa, BBQ, Gathering Areas: Additional amenities to foster community engagement and leisure activities.

More Info

San Ignacio Heights affords residents a lifestyle characterized by low maintenance, thanks to a dedicated homeowners' association that oversees common area upkeep, allowing more time to enjoy the community's vibrant social life. The social committee organizes a plethora of clubs and events, from educational lectures and holiday celebrations to personal training sessions and hobby classes, ensuring a dynamic and engaging environment for all residents.

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